On 18th April 2015 enter into force the provisions[1] allowing to transfer the Polish benefits eligible to veterans abroad to the non-contractual countries to the place of their residence.


Previously, the benefits to which the veterans are entitled, living in the non-contractual countries could be transfered to them only in Poland, i.e. on the bank account of the beneficiary established in the Polish bank or to a person authorized by the veteran/repressed person to receive payment of the benefit, who lives in Poland.


On the basis of provisions of the new act from 18th April 2015 the veterans and victims of oppression living around the world can receive the payment of veterans' benefits on  bank accounts in the country of residence. If it is not possible to have a bank account in that country, payment of benefits can be transfered in a different form, indicated by the ZUS. Payment of benefits will be made in a convertible currency.


In addition, if the veterans residing in one of those countries, along with the veterans' benefits are or will be entitled to other old age or invalidity benefits (old-age or invalidity pension), they may apply for the payment of all of these benefits to the country of residence. However, the persons who have not the status of a veteran are not entitled for the transfer of the old-age or invalidity pension. It means that the persons entitled to old-age or invalidity benefits paid by the ZUS, can still receive payment of old-age or invalidity pension only in Poland, it is to a bank account of a pensioner/retiree or into the hands of the person authorized to receive payment, living in Poland.


We remind that on 18th October 2014, entered into force part of the provisions of the new act on the basis of which the ability to transfer veterans' benefits to the place of residence of the veterans living in the Member States of the European Union, the European Free Trade Agreement, as well as in the countries with which Poland has the bilateral agreement in the field of social security has been introduced.


It has to be stressed that starting transfer of veterans' benefits together with pension benefits to the place of residence takes place at the request of the veteran. It is also possible to indicate a bank account in Poland to pay benefits or to authorize a person residing in Poland to receive benefits by mail.


The ZUS-RZ-WDK-01 form - Application of the veteran/repressed person for payment abroad to the place of residence of: veterans allowance/benefit in the amount of veterans' allowance/compensatory allowance/energy lump-sum charge/benefit granted by way of exception 


the ZUS-ER-DKK-01 form - Application for benefit in the amount of veterans' allowance/veterans allowance/compensatory allowance/energy lump-sum charge

can be found here.


More information on the transfer payment of benefits to which veterans/repressed persons living abroad are entitled.